The famous master of microminiatures and National Artist of Ukraine Mykola Syadristy was born on September 1, 1937 in Ukraine.

Educated in Kharkiv Art College, he also graduated from Kharkiv Agricultural Institute of V. V. Dokuchayev.

From 1960 till 1967 he worked as an agronomist in Zakarpattya, and from 1967 til 1974 as an engineer in the Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Science system.

He is a Master of Sports of the Former Soviet Union. He was an overall champion in underwater sports (1976-1978).

Mykola Syadristy is a person of varied interests and extremely creative abilities. The art of microminiatures has been his hobby for almost 50 years. All the microminiatures were made by hand with unique technique for each work.

He holds the title of National Artist of Ukraine.

The creative art of the master proved the creation of a new word – "microminiature", which has been never seen before neither in encyclopedias nor in dictionaries.

In general, his artwork was shown on all continents, gaining outstanding acclaim among visitors of all countries. The most widely his works are represented in the Moscow Polytechnic Museum, The permanent exhibition in the Kyiv-Pechersk Museum and in the Museum of microminiatures in the Andorra Principality.

The art and technique of Mykola Syadristy microminiatures challenge imagination regarding human potential, to bridge science, technology and the cosmos.


Хата, де народився Микола Сядристий

The house where Mykola Syadristy was born

Mykola Syadristy is a highly sensitive artist who is considered to be at the cutting edge of his field. He manages to draw spectators into the wondrous and mysterious world of microminiatures.

I've been often asked: "What do you need to know to perform such ultra-tiny masterpieces?". And usually I give the common answer: "To achieve it you need to have certain knowledge and experience in design, composition and plastics. Besides, you must be perfectly acquainted with properties of all materials to be used in your craft, and be able to control your body to perform particularly delicate arm motions between heartbeats." But if speaking briefly and deeply, certainly the creative and psychological fundamentals of any artist is somewhere in the depths of his childhood.

Микола Сядристий (зправа) з матір'ю та братом

Mykola Syadristy (right) with his mother and brother

For many decades Mykola Syadristy has been studied the history of totalitarian regimes: Fascism, Nazism and Communism. The great documentary mobile exhibition on the communist terror in the 20th century assembled by Mykola Syadristy on the basis of his private collection was shown in 20 regional centres of Ukraine as well as in Hungary and Greece.

Also Mykola Syadristy is the author of all inscriptions in the National Museum «The Memorial in Commemoration of Famines’ Victims in Ukraine» (Kyiv,3 Lavrska st.)

In addition, he is an author of two famous books. In particular: "Is it Difficult to Shoe a Flea?" and "The Secrets of Microtechnique". The latter book was published several times and as a bestseller got the first prize in the All-Soviet Union contest for the best popular scientific book.

In 2013 was published a collection of poems by Mykola Syadristy entitled "Moment".

Микола Сядристий - майстер спорту СРСР, абсолютний чемпіон України з підводного спорту        

Mykola Syadristy - Master of Sports of the USSR, the absolute champion of Ukraine in underwater sports